Tagliani Vivai International

The Company that produces good fruits

A producer of worth

Founded in the eighties, it is a dynamic business that for over thirty years has contributed all the best traditional Italian agricultural values to the world of fruit-farming. Research and development, which are at the heart of its company mission, have allowed it to establish itself internationally as an acknowledged nursery farmer of quality.

The company was in fact the founding partner of the Centre for Varietal Innovation (CIV), which has been operating internally alongside some important public and private institutions with agronomic improvement and experimentation programmes. It, in turn, was to become the Founding Partner of the INN (International Varieties Network), the international network for developing new varieties of fruit.

An attentive dedication to research spanning many years, has made Tagliani Vivai International a company that is capable of successfully responding to the demands of producers and consumers with regard to the delicate issue of protecting and respecting the environment as well as that of food safety.

Genetic enhancement directed at sustainable varietal innovation, combined with the production of material certified “virus free”, allows it to satisfy, in a totally competitive way, an international clientele and a market that is becoming increasingly global.

Tagliani Vivai International holds the sole license for the ‘Club’, Modì®, Pink Lady® and Rubens® apple cultivars as well as the Carmen® and Sweet sensation® pear cultivars.

Tagliani Vivai International is also attentive to environmental sustainability, indeed the new Sweet Resistants® varieties, resistant to apple scab, are tasty, allow to limit treatments and are particularly suitable for organic farming.

Nature follows us

The company that produces good fruit.

Expertise, know-how and research applied to fruit-farming are the firm foundations upon which the company has grown over the years to become an internationally recognised point of reference for quality and innovative fruit plants such as apple, pear, cherry, peach and plum. Thanks to the skills acquired in the Italian farming sector and to the development of varietal innovation associated with sustainability, Tagliani Vivai International has succeeded in combining naturalness with a respect for health and the environment.

  • Preliminary analysis of the site
  • Selection of the most appropriate cultivars
  • Planning the fruit orchard, complete with irrigation system and anti-hail covering
  • Overseeing the completion of the work
  • Running the fruit orchard
  • Phytosanitary and nutritional advice
  • Highly specialised training programmes